Friday, December 17, 2010

Well...Decided that its time to blow some dust off this blog. So many things have happened, so many new insights, new responsibilities which have been taken on but finished the job, and left me hungering for more. So many new thoughts entering my head.

Why does it hurt to look back? Maybe its better to not look back, and look to the future.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Where is this going?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

8th May 2010 - Official close of a chapter of life and a totally new beginning of a new one.

New place, new beginning, new friends, new acquantainces, new life, new pursue of knowledge, new happiness.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This rings very true:

The reason why you are feeling that you are leading a meaningless unfulfilling life, is because you haven’t thought about your goals in life. What do you want to achieve before you die? What do you want to be remembered as? Everyday you do your job but it is not challenging your brain and it is repetitive and mundane and this is why you are feeling bored, because if you do something you are passionate about you can see where it leads to the future, then you are having fun everyday.

I’m sorry that you missed out on having all the ‘fun’ – movies, friends, parties, travel, but that was for uni days. And that’s over. Now that you’re working there is no more time for such fun, such superficial fun. Meaningless fun. Now is the time to now live in the past and wishful thinking and iron out your life.

I want to do it, I do. I will. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm allergic to people.

HUGE CROWDS of people.

Huge crowds or boring, uninspired, fugly people.


My eczema always flares up in the train when i go to work / come back after work.


Saw a bird sleeping on a bush just beside a lighted pedestrian walkway and actually used a leaf to cover the face! So cute and so stupid. Stupid bird. And only kang and me stopped to admire how stupid it was and took pics of it. When i feel like it i'll upload it lol. stupid bird. then took pics it woke up then it just stood on the bush and stared back like wtf are u staring at me get a life i want to sleep.

lol. stupid bird.

And nobody even stopped to look at it. unobservant people.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remember when I swore May last year that it was the end of studying for me and I will never ever study again or take exams again and I had enough of studying since I had been studying for like 21 years non stop!

Well, I take it back. I always eat my words nowadays I find, heh.

I may have forgotten how horrible my uni study life was, the stress and gila madness assessments, because I am actually going to sign up for a dip in retail management course covering everything from operations to supply chain to marketing to advertising to human resource to buying to merchandising to international retailing to retailing and the economy! And I'm quite excited about this because frankly I am really quite fed up with being a noob and not understanding things when the business analysts finance ppl start using their terms. I so wish to join them in their discussions, to provide some opinions and insights, to crawl out of this stupid shell, instead of having to mingle with people who are perfectly contented with their lives and have no aim to go higher and all the topics to talk about are kids, what they bought, what they ate, what is best to eat to keep slim, for some general health, I am really going to fall asleep if I continue like this.

So yes here's for continuous learning towards topics that I am interested in good riddance science degree at least you trained my brain up to rmb stuff. Stuff that i can barely rmb now unless you give me an article and i'll say hey i knew this. Yeah something like that. Bah.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Went to some female magazine 50th Anniversary glass set up outside wisma atria today, and was greeted with the most unexpected service:-

You know when you push a door into an exclusive magazine studio set up, you really want to buy a mag, and the sales is already in your hand when a customer sendiri goes and push open the door to go in. So i approach the counter where 2 girls are sitting, and ask whats the ongoing promotion.

"Oh you just buy a mag and get to choose u want this or this, but actually the new issue is coming out in a few days time so you might as well wait."

Awesome man actually rejecting a sale o.O